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What is an evidence-based practice?

  • While the law requires teachers to use evidence-based interventions, it did not explicitly define the criterion for an evidence-based practice until now! IDENTIFYING AND IMPLEMENTING EDUCATIONAL PRACTICES SUPPORTED BY RIGOROUS EVIDENCE
  • Strong evidence is defined as well designed random controlled trials in one or more school settings. It's the combination of professional wisdom and evidence.
  • We use evidence-based practice to use proven strategies to teach students. When we are sick, medical doctors give us prescriptions that have countless studies done on them. No one wants a doctor who gives prescriptions that he/she "has a good feeling about", thinks might be fun to take, or are something they always give out.
  • As teachers we need to be constantly checking to see if what we are doing is effective. We always need to be searching for better ways to do things.
  • Finally, the more strategies we are familiar with, the better able we are to use them in our teaching.

Where do strategies come from?

Why a wiki?

  • A wiki allows educators to come together to share what they know, what they are using, and what works! If we can build a shared knowledge base as a global community of teachers, we can better educate our students.
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  • Contribute by filling out the template above with any new strategies. Then link them under the correct category!

Additional Resources

  • Recently I've started to add center work as well such as BUILD, Daily 5, and CAFE. There are certainly research based features of all of the activities, but the individual games likely do not have research conducted.

Finally, check out my classroom website!