Online Resources for Educators

(Not all are research-based)

Curriculum-Based Measurement
A commercial website for CBM. It is very similar to DIBELS, but includes more academic areas.
This site provides instruction, tools, and performance standards for improving academic and social behaviors using an instructional measurement practice called Precision Teaching.
This site is sponsored by the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs. Provides information on monitoring progress.
University of Minnesota sponsored website for the Research Institute on Progress Monitoring.

So many learning activities for increasing student engagement, using technology, and making sure instruction is universally designed for all learners.

ReadWorksProvides fiction and non-fiction stories and comprehension questions. You can sort by Lexile or grade. I often use these to build lessons that are tiered and at specific Lexile levels for each child.

Highlight and put sticky notes on websites. Access your highlighting from any computer!
Print off sheets to take notes on for class.
Design graphic organizers online.

Teaching Strategies
Florida Center for Reading Research
Council for Exceptional Children
International Mind, Brain, Education Society
LD Online
Intervention Central
The IRIS Center
What Works Clearinghouse
Doing What Works
95% Group
University of Kansas
Website for Dr. Elizabeth Whitten- click on “Strategy Bibliography” for strategies
Annenburg Media
News and research based strategies regarding reading.

Assistive Tech

http://tinyurl.comMakes a long website shorter. It makes it much easier for students to type in.

Digital Storytelling
Create a digital story set to music by uploading photos.
Blabberize and make pictures talk!
Introduction and resources for digital storytelling.
Introduction and resources for storyboarding.
A way to copyright your photos and information that you put online.
Images and music for digital storytelling.
VoiceTread. Comment on documents, photos, etc. This is an alternative to class discussion. This is a great way to share student work and have parents, family members, teachers, etc. comment on the work.
Turn text into movies.
Photo Peach. Make picture slideshows.
Create your own posters to tell a story. You can include embedded videos and several images. It looks really cool- like a collage.

Students can add in their own subtitles to Indian dances and movie clips.

Create your own timeline online.

Create Power Point 2.0 essentially.

Cartoon Maker
Students Create Their Own Texts

Build words as you build skyscrapers.

Reading Fluency
Children’s books to read online
Books read aloud by famous actors. Subtitles are included if students want to follow along with the words.
Listen to books online for free.
Read easy reader books online. Allows readers to click on words they don’t know. There are also games.
Free online audio books for individuals to check out through their public library account for two weeks. Great for students to have a hard copy of a book along with an audio copy to follow along with!
Online books for students with disabilities.

Reading Comprehension
Using Google Earth, students discover where in the world the greatest road trip stories of all time took place... and so much more!
Accelerated Reader
Tune In To Reading

Makes MP3s of your vocabulary words.
This site is amazing!!! It’s a graphic dictionary. Type in a word and it links it to other words in a sort of web.
Make flashcards to help you study.

A fun game from the BBC to practice typing.

Add subtitles to a Bollywood video. Great for teaching "voice" in the 6 Traits.
Create a story and make it look like a newspaper clipping!
Add words to a photograph that you find captivating.
Favorite Poem Project
Create your own comic strip.
Automatic citation maker.
Internet-based word processing. Documents are saved online in your account.
Convert Word files to PDF via email.

Social Studies and Science
Create virtual time capsule slideshows set to music.
Slideshows set to music.
Daily wonders with answers.

Find clips from movies dealing with math.
Great math games that actually are very fun!
More math games
Great worksheets for homework.
Great worksheets for homework.
Math games for students.

Survey Creator
Create your own survey and see the data on this free website.
Create your own survey.
AWESOME for scheduling SPED meetings :)

Free high-quality photos online.
Design Scrapbooks and Edit Pictures Online
Design Scrapbooks and Edit Pictures Online

Fun games to flex your brain muscles.
Great math games that actually are very fun!
Lots of games and activities in a variety of stubjects.
Many activities for children to do on their own.
Games for students to play during free time.
Games the correspond to state standards.

Let friends and family know what you are up to. for teachers.

Technology Information
A website for using technology to improve teaching.
Assistive Technology Resources
Technology Ideas for Teachers
Video Field Trips
Smart Board Lessons
Promethean Board Lessons

Virtual Instruction

http://www.hippocampus.orgHas instructional videos on a variety of topics for middle and high school students. college classes for free. Pop. Short videos on a variety of topics. Streaming. Videos on many topics of various lengths.

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Curriculum and Standards,1607,7-140-28753_33232---,00.html

Teachers Everywhere! core standards. Mapper.

Blogs for Educators
A blog on integrating technology in the classroom.
A blog on only the best children's lit from the official expert in readiology!
Sunday Cummins's Blog