Independent Reading, Writing, and IPad Center

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Reading and writing should be integrated throughout all content areas! This center is how to make that work during puzzling time!

  • IPAD- This center will include an IPad that children can use to complete a checklist for each investigation. See below for an example of 5th Grade Investigation 1.
  • This center can be filled with picture books or books the children have made relating to various math concepts.
  • This center can also be used to have children work through challenging problems and write an essay response to explain their thinking.
  • I plan to ALWAYS include a word ring with math vocabulary words in this tub.

I plan to rotate this center weekly- one week reading and the following week writing!


Below are the quality games I've found for various Investigations as well as the checklist for that unit.

2nd Grade:
Investigation 2
  • Coins
  • 10 Frame Fill
  • Number Board
  • Sum is Ten Lite
  • Math Dojo
  • Math Evolve
  • Cat and Dog

5th Grade:
Investigation 1
  • Khan Academy
  • Astro Math
  • Maths Factor
  • Math Ninja


Reading Response for Accountability- Students only do page 1 because I just want a quick check in.

Themed Book List:

General Math
The History of Counting by Denise Schamandt-Besserat
A beautiful book about the history of how our number system was developed.

Go Figure by Johnny Ball
A wonderful DK book FILLED with math trivia, history, etc.

Captain Swifty Counts to 50 by David Gantz
My favorite counting book as a child. Very busy with lots to look at and count!

City 123 by Zoran Milich
Great book on counting with images from a city. This would be good for students with special needs who need additional practice but not a baby book.

The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns
Geometry AND bibliotherapy?! Heck yes! This book is about a triangle who is unhappy with his shape and tries to be all the other shapes until he realizes he is perfect just the way he is!

Follow the Money by Loreen Leedy
Follow money around from it's creation around to all the people it travels through and how it's used.

The Best of Times by Greg Tang
Strategies for multiplying each number!


More soon!