Please share the applications you love with a short description of how you use them :)

Professional Development
__Common Core__
Common Core Standards for all grade levels.
I create a shortcut of this website with me on my ipad. Although I created this for others, mostly I created it so I can access strategies from any computer. It's nice to have them with me everywhere.

Links to lots of apps.

Just a regular website I create a shortcut to so I can access all my instructor manuals from my ipad.

Class Dojo
Enter your class into this website and you can award kids positive and negative points for various reasons. It also gives you the option to graph data as well as other features.

Same as above but with an older look to it. Also lets you keep track of grades and contact info.

Access files from anywhere.

Classroom Tools
ScreenChomp or Show Me
Both Screen Chomp and Show Me allow educators to teach a lesson by recording their voice and draw on a white board at the same time creating a mini lesson movie. Show Me also allows educators to search for movies under various categories. I would use this to show parents what we're doing in our classroom and to share the language we're using. In addition, this would be great for centers to allow students to receive instruction when you are working with another group. Thirdly, I could see this as a way to flip the classroom. Students could listen to a lesson at home and school could focus on practice. Finally, students can become "experts" on a topic and create their own presentation to help them study for tests or share information with classmates.

Roll dice, flip coins, spin a wheel, pull sticks, generate random numbers... lots of tools to use in classroom games. You could also use the random number generator to call on students during class.

Fluency Free
Timer for fluency assessments.

Brain Pop
Watch Brain Pop from your ipad.


Tell A Story
Kids can make a story.

Create cartoons

Cartoon Studio

See Learn Touch
Create flashcards

Create presentations that allow students to comment in various ways such as audio only, video responses, or drawing on the picture. Students can also create their own. Basically, it's collaboration through images

Lower Elementary Reading
Sight Words for Reading
Teaches sight words through very high quality songs. Very entertaining! Major downside is that any subsequent lessons need to be purchased, but if you can afford it then it seems very engaging.

Fluency Upper Elementary
Video Star
Allows students to memorize a song and create a lip dub to it. This could be fun fluency practice for the kids.