Doing Math

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Activities that allow the child to practice math concepts currently taught in their Investigations textbook or review concepts that they in particular need to review. This tub is even more individualized than the others.

For the week of September 18, I plan to put student work pages in here from the math book and see how it goes, but here are some other ideas too.

Rainbow Math- Students will roll nice and color in the sum on a rainbow. They finish when they color in the whole rainbow. Could also be used for other operations and other shapes could be used as well.

Send A Problem- Students can design problems for other students to solve later that are related to the topic they are learning about.

Self Monitoring Checklists- Have students write their own self monitoring checklist with math steps or create one to share with other students.

Addition with Three Addends- Students will practice adding three numbers using manipulatives.

Teddy Bears

Ten Frames


More ideas later, but honestly, most of the time I will use this center for individualized student practice.