Teachers working together to differentiate instruction and support all learners.


1. Complementary Teach- The general education teacher leads and the special education teacher supports.
2. Alternative Teach- The special education teacher leads and the general education teacher supports.
3. Shared Teach- Both teachers lead instruction in a tag team approach.
4. Parallel Teach- Both teachers take a small group of students to work with.
5. Station Teach- Instruction is provided through centers. The teachers may each lead a center and there may be independent or small group activities as other centers.


  • Co-teaching is like a marriage. Communication and partnership is very important.
  • Work about your relationship and don't forget to talk about topics other than school. Connecting on interests, life events, etc. also helps bond team members together. Take an interest in their life outside of school.
  • Use inclusive terms such as "our" kids rather than "my" kids to promote collaboration.
  • Talk about things right away and share your feelings respectfully. If something isn't going right, communicate rather than hold it in.
  • Set up a collaboration schedule to plan lessons together and talk about individual students.
  • Play to your strengths. Break up tasks so that you are doing what you are best at.
  • Use flexible grouping to the extreme. Really plan out which students are grouped together and why.